About Massage

Massage options

At some of our retreats we offer massage treatments which we can fit in around the programmed activities during free time. At our weekend retreats we offer 40 minute treatments for £40, and at our longer retreats and holidays you can also book longer 1 hour treatments for £50 or 90 minute Ayurvedic treatments for £75.
The following treatments can be 40 minutes ( £40) or 60 minutes ( £50) and you can choose from the following options:
Relaxing Full Body Massage.  A soothing treatment with long flowing strokes to lull you into a state of deep relaxation.
Relaxing Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage.  A soothing treatment which focuses on relaxation of the back and shoulder muscles.
Relaxing Face, Neck, and Head Massage.  This treatment includes soothing work with peppermint oil around the head, neck and face. It is ideal if you suffer from headaches or tension in the jaw and neck.
Deep Tissue Back and Shoulder Massage.  This treatment uses firmer, slower pressure and stretching techniques to release tension from tight muscles.
Deep Tissue Hip, Leg and Foot Massage. Ideal if you have tight hamstrings, quadriceps, or gluteals. This treatment uses a variety of deep tissue work and stretching techniques, to help improve flexibility in the legs and release tension in the feet.
Remedial Massage.   This treatment is for you if you have a long standing muscular injury you would specifically like help to address.

Ayurvedic Treatments ( available at our long weekend retreats and on our Yoga Holidays) 

All treatments £75 for 90 minutes.

Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga 

The techniques used in this full body oil massage come from the traditions of Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda. Gently warmed oil infused with Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils is customised for your needs and then applied all over the body including, head, face, feet and abdomen. Abhyanga works with meridians and flows of subtle energy in the body, and includes marma (acupressure)points as well as flowing massage strokes to promote deep relaxation, and balance in mind body and spirit. ( Also can be adapted for pregnancy).


This treatment will take you to an unparalleled state of relaxation, as stress, trauma and tension are replaced by calm, peace and inner silence. A continuous stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead for 13-20 minutes, allowing the body and mind to sink into a deep, profound state of relaxation.

There are 3 types of Shirodhara treatment available to   choose from: 

Tibetan Shirodhara 
This treatment brings together four separate Tibetan massage sequences to create a seamless rhythm that will lead you into a very peaceful and profoundly deep state of relaxed awareness. Special energy points help to release mental tensions, and then gentle warmth and massage for the abdomen and feet will lead into the Shirodhara treatment where a fine stream of warm oil flows over the forehead. 

Headache Relief Shirodhara
This treatment is perfect if you suffer from migraines or tension headaches.  The treatment will begin with an Indian Head massage, followed by a deep tissue massage  to release tight muscles in the neck and shoulders.  A special marma point sequence to rejuvenate the eyes face and feet will lead into a soothing steady stream of warm oil flowing over the forehead that will dissolve any remaining tension from the head. 

Blissful Sleep Shirodhara
This Tibetan sleep ritual will help dissolve the stresses and strains that keep you from enjoying the nourishing regenerating benefits of  a good nights sleep. Deep massage to the feet with special relaxation oils will be followed by soothing abdominal massage to help your breathing deepen. Finally a special Tibetan marma sequence to encourage sleep will ensure that when you go home to rest after the treatment you will sink easily into a deep slumber that you will awake from hours later feeling light, clear and refreshed.

Our Therapists

Elise Beechen 
Elise practices Soft Tissue & Remedial Massage Therapy, which means that she can help with injuries, as well as long standing aches and pains. Alternatively she can simply provide a relaxing massage. 
Lucy Teed
Lucy is an experienced massage therapist based in Colchester and joins us at many of our retreats. She often provides the welcome head massages as well as a range of other massages including; massage for relaxation, deep tissue massage and holistic massage.