About Yoga

 Often we find ourselves rushing around trying to fit too many things into our lives, leaving little time to devote to our own wellbeing. As well as helping us physically to tone and strengthen the body, a Yoga Retreat gives us the opportunity to step back from our busy lives, reflect, and let go of tension and anxiety. 

There are many different forms of Yoga but they all descend from one tradition- Hatha Yoga. Hatha meaning Sun and Moon, or opposing energy, and Yoga meaning to unite. Yoga ultimately brings us into balance, uniting our minds and bodies, so that we feel whole and complete. 

At BE Yoga Retreats we teach a mixture of Hatha, and Hatha Flow classes which are more challenging and dynamic.  We also make time to explore workshops on various other aspects of Yoga including; meditation, chanting, breath work and relaxation.  This helps you get deeper into your practice, and discover more about the fascinating philosophies of Yoga. 

Elise designs each BE Yoga Retreat programme with a theme running through from beginning to end. Whatever the theme, the main aim is for guests to feel better; whether this is physically feeling stronger and more open in their bodies, or more peaceful and clearer in their minds. This way we ensure our guests leave each retreat feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated.