Q I’m a beginner/ have an injury can I still come to the Retreat?

A Yes! We welcome beginners and those with limitations/ injuries. We split into two groups so that everyone can go at their own pace. In the slower paced “Orange” group, we take more time to explain things and offer lots of options or modifications to accommodate everyone. We also cater for those with more experience of Yoga who are looking for a challenge, or more in depth alignment cues with our faster paced “Purple” group.

Q What type of Yoga do you practice?   

A In every retreat we offer a balanced mixture of meditation, Restorative Yoga, relaxation, and Hatha Yoga classes.

Q What is the difference between Hatha Yoga and Hatha Flow?

A Hatha Yoga tends to be more gentle, and generally involves holding poses a bit longer. There is more time to focus on correct alignment, so this style of Yoga is ideal for beginners. Hatha, or Vinyasa Flow Yoga involves moving in a flowing sequence from one pose to the next.  This can be a more challenging form of Yoga.

Q Do you offer massage?

A Yes. Included in the price of every retreat is a welcome head massage to help you settle in. We also offer 40 or 50 minute massages with our experienced Therapists for an additional cost. Please click here to find out about the massage options available.

Q Are men welcome at your retreats?

A Yes both males and females are equally welcome. We frequently welcome men on our retreats, although there will normally be more women than men.

Q I have a food allergy or intolerance, can you cater for me?

A Yes. When you fill out your booking form you can indicate any dietary requirements you may have.  We will be very happy to ensure your specific needs are catered for throughout your stay.