Stress Management

stressed at work

Are you or your team stressed at work?
Do you find it difficult to maintain a work/life balance?
Do you want to do something about it?


Just for a moment, press pause

BE Yoga Retreats have teamed up with Loving Monday to bring you a one-day workshop where we help you understand, manage and build resilience to stress at work.

Drawing on our expertise in Yoga, Mindfulness, and Coaching we facilitate an integrated approach to help you recognise and respond to the physical and mental effects of stress.

Research at major UK employers shows us that some 98% of employees are affected by stress. 

Research at major UK employers shows us that some 98% of employees are affected by stress.

Why is that important? Well, in a nutshell stress makes us ill, both physically and mentally, it affects every aspect of work, performance, and engagement. And ultimately that costs money, for businesses and individuals.

Most employers know that an engaged workforce is more likely to be a more productive one. What’s more, there is an ever increasing body of evidence acknowledging the link between engagement and health.

Many companies are beginning to realise that to be a high performing and cost effective organisation, ignoring the health and well-being of staff is just not an option. For just this reason, now more than two-thirds of UK organisations plan to increase support for health and wellbeing programmes.

Whilst investing in health and well being will positively benefit staff at home and at work, this is not just about doing something nice. It’s the difference between being effective versus ineffective. In essence,healthier staff are happier staff who perform better, and cost less.

Stress affects our health, both physically and mentally. In order to help combat stress, and build resilience to it we need to understand what causes it and how to manage it. ‘Press-Pause’ delivers this in three ways:

  1. By helping you understand and recognise the causes of stress and its effects on you and others through group coaching.
  2. By learning how to calm your stress response through a variety of Yoga/Meditation/Relaxation and Mindfulness Techniques.
  3. By helping your body release built up physical stress and create resilience to stress through developing strategies to respond to stress in more skillful ways.
  • 2 Yoga/Breathing for Stress sessions (suitable for complete beginners).
  • 2 Group Coaching sessions
  • 1 Meditation/Relaxation session
  • Homemade buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day.
  • All yoga equipment and other learning resources.

'Press-Pause' can be delivered to both individuals by booking on an open workshop or in groups for corporate clients or teams.


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