Summer Yoga Retreat 3rd - 5th August 2018 - Schedule

Retreat Theme & Weekend Programme

Our theme for this weekend will be the 5 layers of the body known as the 5 Koshas. These are the sheaths of consciousness.

This is a sample schedule which is subject to change:


4:30pm Arrival, time to settle and have your welcome Indian Head Massage.

6pm Yoga Class - The Physical Layer Grounding in the Physical Body.

7:15pm Dinner

8:30pm Yoga Nidra/Deep Relaxation 


7am Early morning Grounding Meditation on the Earth Element and Physical Body

7:30am Morning Yoga class- The Physical Layer continued

8:45am Breakfast

10:15am Pranayama Workshop

11am Yoga Class- Opening the Breath and Energy Body  

12:45pm Lunch

1:30pm Free time; relax, read a book, have a massage, go for a walk.

3:30pm Meditation on the Mind Sheath

4:15pm Yoga class on the Manomaya Kosha

6:30pm Dinner

8pm Vedic Chanting Workshop- The Ma Aham Mantra


7am Early morning meditation

7:30am Yoga class - The Intuitive Body

9am Breakfast

10am Walking Mediation

11am Restorative Yoga class - Bliss Body

12:30pm Lunch

2pm Final Meditation and Relaxation 

2:30pm Departure

Weather dependent we will try to run as many activities as possible outdoors.