Summer Yoga Retreat 6th - 8th August 2021 - Schedule

Retreat Theme & Weekend Programme

Our theme for this weekend will be Yoga and Connective Tissue. Elise will be combining her knowledge and experience as a Soft Tissue Therapist as well as a Yoga teacher with special classes using a long 90cm Foam Roller ( you can bring your own or rent one from us).  

This is a sample schedule which is subject to change:


4:30pm Arrival, time to settle and have a cup of tea. 

6pm Yoga Class - using the Foam Roller to help release restrictions and improve proprioception as we move into Downward Facing Dog

7:15pm Dinner

8:30pm Back Body Fascial Release - using the foam roller to gently release tension the back of the body from the base of the neck to the heels- afterwards feel your body  sink down into the ground and experience a lovely guided relaxation. 


7am Early morning Meditation and Breathwork

7:30am Morning Yoga class - Connective Tissue release in Half Moon Pose

8:45am Breakfast

10:15am Yoga Class (Group 2)

11am Workshop tbc

12:45pm Lunch

1:30pm Free time; relax, read a book, have a massage, go for a walk.

4:15pm Yoga class - Connective Tissue Release Twisted Thigh Stretch

6:30pm Dinner

8pm Shoulder and Neck Release Self Massage Class


7am Early morning meditation

7:30am Yoga class - Shoulder Spirals & Gomukasana 

9am Breakfast

10am Workshop tbc

11am Restorative Yoga class & Final Meditation

12:30pm Lunch

2pm Departure

Weather dependent we will try to run as many activities as possible outdoors.