Winter Yoga Retreat, Devon 17th-20th January 2019 Schedule

Sample Programme:

N.B this is a sample programme only and certain activities/ times may be subject to changes:

6:45am Early morning Meditation and Pranayama

7:30am- Yoga Class " Understanding the Doshas: Calming Vata, Soothing Pita, Invigorating Kapha"

8:45am Breakfast

10am Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop Learning which spice mixes and food combinations help balance your Dosha.

11am Ayurvedic Self Care Practises for your Individual Constitution 

12:30pm Lunch

Free time to have an Ayurvedic massage treatment or one to one Yoga session with Elise/ read/ relax/ go for a country walk.

5pm Yoga Workshop: Developing your personal Yoga Practise to help balance your Dosha 

7pm Dinner

8:30pm Meditation/ Chanting/ Deep Relaxation on the theme of balancing your Dosha.