Online Yoga with Elise video subscription

Online Yoga with Elise video subscription


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Due to popular demand, Elise has developed an online library of Yoga classes in the hope that this will enable you to continue your Yoga practice at home, when you are unable to come to classes or retreats in person and/ or establish a regular home Yoga, Meditation/ or Relaxation practice. 

The classes/videos are now available to you for a subscription fee on YouTube as private videos. Elise will be adding new classes/ sequences each month and we are open to ideas from you about the kinds of classes you would like to be added. The classes marked "coming soon" we are aiming to make available by the end of March.

NB You will need a YouTube account to view the videos. This is free but you will need to register the email address you would like the videos to be shared with.

NEW: Online Yoga with Elise Subscribers also are entitled to 15% off the Yogi Spring Cleanse 2 week intensive.

Classes currently available...

Short Sequences
Focus on specific tight areas of the body
(approx 20-25 mins)
  • Yoga for tight Hamstrings
  • Yoga for tight Calves
  • Yoga for tight Glutes
  • Yoga for tight hip Flexors
  • Yoga for tight Quadriceps
  • Short Shoulder Alignment Class
  • Shoulder Therapy part 1
  • Yoga for Lower Back/ Pelvic Alignment
  • Sequence to Relieve tension in the Lower back
  • Yoga for Core Stability/ Lower Back strengthening

Full Length Classes
  • Shoulder Therapy Part 1
  • Shoulder Therapy Part 2 
  • Shoulder Alignment (1hr 10 mins)
  • The Neck and the Thoracic Spine ( 1 hour)
  • Spring Yoga to Celebrate New Growth and Awaken the 5 Senses
  • Autumn Nourishment
  • Yoga for Nourishing the Soul ( Heart opening class)
  • Yoga for Winter Nourishment ( Inner Light practise) 
  • Gently Relieve Stress
  • Turn Anger to Acceptance
  • Gently Lift your Mood
  • Turn Negativity to Positivity

Yoga for Sports/ Specific activities
  • Yoga For Runners ( 55 mins) 
  •  Refresh Tired Legs and Feet ( Hikers, Runners, those working on their feet all day)
Daily Yoga
  • Rise and Shine Morning Sequence
  • Sun Salutations
  • Yoga before eating a heavy meal
  • Evening Yoga to transition from your busy day
  • Yoga before Bed for Better Sleep

Relaxation/ Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Nidra To Dissolve Stress
  • Yoga Nidra to Restore Balance and Find Your Centre
  • Restorative Yoga for Stress Relief 
  • Nourish Your Energy Reserves
  • Festive Yoga Nidra

Vinyasa Flow
( Intermediate/Advanced classes) 
  • Releasing Patterns of Tension in the Hips, neck and Shoulders
  • Blissful Hip Opening Flow 
  • Spread your wings and soar with the birds (coming soon) 

Yoga for Illness/ Ailments 

  • Yoga for Sciatica
  • Yoga for Insomnia Parts 1 and 2
  • Yoga for Colds
  • Yoga to aid Recovery from Illness/ sickness
  • Yoga to relieve Sore Throats
  • Yoga to relieve Headaches
  • Yoga to relieve Menstrual Cramps
  • How to Use a Neti Pot
  • Yoga to Relieve Blocked Sinus


Detox Archive Videos

Summer Yogi Detox 2016

  • Summer Strength
  • Summer Energy
  • Summer Vitality
  • Summer Serenity
  • Summer Freedom

New Years Yogi Detox 2017

  • Core Challenge
  • Meditation and Fire Ceremony
  • Short Detox Sequence
  • Vision Board Making
  • Out with the Old in with the New