Online Yoga with Elise video subscription

Online Yoga with Elise video subscription


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This online collection of Yoga classes taught by Elise offers you an affordable way of doing more regular Yoga classes, as well as helping you to build an at home personal yoga or meditation practise. Perhaps you're feeling under the weather, can't sleep well or are feel a bit stressed out - now you don't have to wait for your weekly class you can simply log on and choose the class you need at that moment.

There are over 80 classes of varying lengths, themes and styles to choose from depending on how much time you have, or what you want to focus on. 

The online library of classes are available to you for a yearly or 6 monthly subscription and are accessed via YouTube as private videos. Additional classes are added every 6 months. Subscribers can also request specific themes/ classes to be added to the collection.  

NB You will need a YouTube account to view the videos. This is free but you will need to register the email address you would like the videos to be shared with please email if you need help doing this.

Classes currently available...

Pranayama/ Breath practises

  • Daily Pranayama (7 mins)
  • This sequence includes kapalbhati to get the energy going and alternate nostril breathing for balance.

    Short Sequences

    Focus on specific tight areas of the body (approx 20-25 mins)

    Legs and Hips series:

    Shoulder Series

    Lower Back Series

    Full Length Hatha Classes

  • Spring Yoga to awaken the senses
  • Anamaya Kosha ( Physical Body) (75 mins)
  • In this class we spend time really getting to feel at home in our physical body. A strong but wonderful practise to do any time you're feeling stress, anxious or overwhelmed.

  • Taming The Monkey Mind ( 40 Minutes)
  • In this class we will be aiming to calm and quiet the mind by drawing our attention and focus to specific alignment, starting with the careful placement of the feet, in poses such as Triangle, Tree, Seated Twists.

  • Refine Your Downward Dog (1 hour )
  • In this class we will be looking in detail at the positioning of the hands, arms shoulders and spine in downward facing dog. A pose that comes up so often in Yoga it's worth spending a little time getting it right!

  • Brighten Your Inner Light (1 hour)
  • Feel warm bright and lit up inside even on the coldest darkest winters day. Beginning with a Kundalini breathwork sequence then move towards a Hatha class with lots of heart opening poses.

  • Yoga to Nourish your Soul and Open your Heart (1 Hour)
  • In this class we will be reflecting on what it means to nourish our souls through surrendering the ego. Part of a series focusing on the Ayur Dehi Mantra for nourishment.

  • Turn Negativity to Positivity ( 1 Hour)
  • A wonderful practise to help lighten your mood when you're feeling a little down. Begin with some breath work then move into sun salutations done quickly with a breath hold!

  • Autumn Nourishment ( 1 hour)
  • This class is themed around the Ayur Dehi Mantra for nourishment, we move through a sequence of as we reflect on how we have recently been receiving nourishment from our lives and how we could make room for more of the things that nourish us most.

  • Gently Dissolve Stress ( 30 mins)
  • This Yoga class will help you gradually dissolve stress in the mind and tension in the body through a cyclic meditation.

  • Transform Anger to Acceptance (1 hour 12 mins)
  • Begin with a strong practise of Sun Salutations and standing poses, and abdominal work with some reflections on the emotion of anger before doing a Kundalini meditation for anger release transforming that anger to love as we end with a loving kindness meditation.

    Full Length Kundalini Classes

  • Release Stress and Anger (80 Mins)
  • Try this fun stress relieving class to help you move through emotional blockages and feel a sense of lightness and contentment.

  • Detox Your Colon Liver and Stomach (65 mins)
  • This fun class includes dynamic repetitive movements as well as mantra to help detox your inner organs and clear your mind of any clutter.

  • Apana Kriya for Elimination
  • This class helps to increase the downward flow of energy in the body which helps with elimination ( good to prevent constipation!)

    Yoga for Sports/ Specific activities

    Good for all activities to have a strong core!

  • Refresh Tired Legs and Feet
  • A great sequence to do if you’ve been walking, running or on your feet all day.

    Daily Yoga

    This class moves slowly and mindfully through a traditional Sun Salutation sequence to warm, stretch and strengthen the body. Focus is on linking breath with movement, and careful alignment. This class can be done on its own whenever you need to get moving-( a great time to do it is in the morning) or to help you warm up before one of the deeper stretch sequences in the Yoga for tight areas section.

  • Yoga for Better Sleep: Relaxing Yoga before Bed
  • Naval Kriyas/ Digestive Cleansing
  • To be done early morning on an empty stomach!


  • Five Sheaths of Being Meditation Part 1
  • Meditation for Willpower ( 8 mins)
  • Meditation for Grounding ( 6 mins)

    Chakra Meditation Series ( all around 10 minutes in length):

  • Root Chakra Meditation
  • Sacral Chakra Meditation
  • Naval Chakra Meditation
  • Heart Chakra Mediation
  • Throat Chakra Meditation
  • Third Eye Chakra Meditation
  • Crown Chakra Meditation

  • Relaxation/ Restorative/ Gentle Yoga

    Gentle Yoga class- good to do in the winter or when you are worn out/ run down.

  • Festive Relaxation and Meditation for Peace ( 40 mins)
  • Enjoy a wonderful festive treat for yourself. We begin with a chanting meditation of the Mantra 'Shanti' which means 'Peace' then we move into a deep guided relaxation. Make sure you are warm and comfortable, dim the lights in the room you are in and maybe light a candle.

    Part of the New Year Yogi Detox Jan 2017- this class follows on from the Fire Ceremony meditation and helps you set an intention from a deep intuitive place

    Includes chanting practise and Long Yoga Nidra relaxation

  • Yoga Nidra for Physical and Pranic Sheaths ( 20 Mins)
  • Use this long savasana to connect to your body and breath.

  • Meditation and Relaxation for Annamaya Kosha ( 50 mins)
  • This class includes meditations and restorative Yoga poses for the Annamaya Kosha ( physical body)  you can continue on afterwards to the yoga Nidra for the Anamayakosha and Pranamaya Kosha if you like.

  • Gently Lift your Mood (30 mins)
  • This short class addresses the state of depression, and the emotion of sadness, allowing for acceptance of your current state with restorative poses before gently and gradually lifting the weight of the world from your shoulders with a cleansing breath practise.  If you feel up to it you could follow this with the class "From Negativity to Positivity"

    Vinyasa Flow

    ( Intermediate classes)

  • Move Breathe Flow
  • In this class we move breathe and flow as the breath body, using it to cleanse the body and mind and experiencing a sensation of buoyancy.  

  • The Intuitive Body
  • In this class we'll explore we'll explore a challenging balancing sequence with a focus on careful alignment and connectivity. 70 mins

  • Experiencing Ananda - Bliss
  • In this hip and shoulder opening class we'll be searching for blissful feeling that comes from the release of deep work at the edge and from creating space and tension release in the body. 70 mins

    Yoga for minor Illness/ Ailments

    Breathing practises/ meditation to do before sleep

    To help you fall back to sleep/ fall asleep

    This class offers several ideas for gently clearing congestion in your sinuses, if you're quite blocked up you could do this before or instead of the nets pot. Also try the Yoga for colds video as the postures and movement help to move mucus congestion as well..

    A good practise to do when you have a cold if you want something gentle to help you feel less congested.

    Using a Neti pot to clear your nasal pathways so that you can breath more freely

    Short Practise to do after using a neti pot – includes gentle poses and energising kapalabati breathing.

    Yoga For Digestive Ailments

    This is a traditional Yoga series for improved digestion - it also helps strengthen the core. It is said to relieve blockages in the digestive system relieving common ailments such as constipation, indigestion, and bloating and improve digestive health.

  • Naval Kriyas/ Digestive Cleansing
  • To be done early morning on an empty stomach!