From Stress to Contentment: Spring Yogi Cleanse 3rd-16th May 2020


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Spring Yogi Cleanse Online Via Live Video Link: 3rd-16th May 2020

Join me this Spring for another Spring Yogi Cleanse. In this two week online course  we will focus on various techniques to reduce stress and improve your vitality and wellbeing. The course comprises 15 Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation classes spread across two weeks, which you can either attend live online or access recordings of the classes in your own time over the 2 weeks. Preceding or following several of the classes there will be an opportunity for group discussion and time to ask questions/ receive support from Elise and the rest of the group.  

Dates of Live Online Classes and Group Discussions

Recordings of the classes will be made available if you can't make the live online classes ( via zoom).

Sunday 9am- 9:45am: Introduction to the Group, the Course and the theme of the 5 Koshas.

Sunday 10am-11:15am Hatha Yoga Class: The Annamayakosha ( Physical Body) 

Monday 7:30am-8:15am  Morning Yoga and Meditation Class Start the day in a calm relaxed way feeling connected to your body. 

Monday 5:30pm-6:20pm Self Massage class guided self massage using warm oil for the head, shoulders, neck, arms abdomen legs and feet. 

Tuesday 5:30pm- 5:50pm Group Discussion and Introduction to the Breath Body

Tuesday 6pm-7:15pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class: Pranamayakosha (Breath Body) 

Wednesday 5:45pm-6:35pm Meditation and Deep Relaxation for the Physical and Pranic sheaths. Following this class there will be opportunity for a short group discussion and Q& A.

Thursday 7:30am- 8:15am Early Morning Yoga and Meditation Class focusing on pranayama ( breathing).

Friday 5:45pm-6:35pm: Restorative Yoga Class 

Sunday 10am-11:15am  Opportunity to repeat the Pranamayakosha (Breath Body) Class

Monday 7:30am-8:15am  Early Morning Yoga/ Meditation and Introduction to the Mind Sheath

Monday 5:30pm-6:20pm Self Massage Class using foam rollers/ massage balls or a rolled up towel. Q& A following the class. 

Tuesday 6pm-7:15pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class: Taming the Monkey Mind ( option to repeat this class on Sunday morning at 10am) 

Wednesday 5:45pm Meditation and Relaxation for the 5 sheaths. Following the class opportunity for discussion and introduction to the Intuitive Sheath

Thursday 7:15am - 8:30am : Early Morning Hatha Yoga Class: The Intuitive sheath 

Friday 5:45pm- 6:35pm Restorative Yoga Class 

Saturday 9am-10:30am:  Last Class and End of Cleanse celebration: The Bliss Sheath - Finding Freedom in the Hips and Shoulders. Following this class there will be time to have  cup of tea together and reflect on our experience of the course.