From Stress to Contentment: Spring Yogi Cleanse 10th-23rd May 2020


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Spring Yogi Cleanse: 10th-23rd May 2020

Join me this Spring for a Spring Yogi Cleanse- focus on certain lifestyle habits, Yoga classes, to improve your vitality wellbeing. The format of the course is 10 Yoga classes spread across two weeks, which you can either attend live in person or follow the videos online. We'll also have several group video calls throughout the course where we will do guided meditations, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions/ receive support from Elise and the rest of the group.  

Course includes:

  • Recordings of 10 live Yoga Classes ( Option to attend these live with Elise in Caversham as well)
  • 5 Group video calls which include guidance from Elise as well as meditations/ relaxations and an opportunity to ask questions and receive advice and support from Elise and the group.
  • Inspiring Recipe ideas.
  • Self care tips.
  • Discount on any Ayurvedic Treatments you book during the course. 

Videos of all the workshops as well as meditations/ guided relaxations relating to better sleep will also be made available as part of the course materials.

Dates of Video Calls and Workshops

Recordings of the calls will be made available if you can't make the live call. 


Sunday 1:15pm-2:45pm Yoga Class on the Annamayakosha ( Physical Body) 

Sunday 5:30pm: Call 1: Introduction to the Group the Course and the theme of the 5 Koshas.

Monday 7pm-8pm Kundalini Yoga Class: Apana and Elimination

Tuesday 6pm-7:05pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Pranamayakosha (Breath Body) 

Wednesday 5:45pm Call 2 Pranamyakosha Discussion

Thursday 6:30am Early Morning Yoga Class Church House Kundalini:  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!

Friday Call 3: The Manomyakosha Discussion and Meditation

Saturday 8:15am: Kundalini Manomyakosha: Finding The Neutral Mind

Sunday 1:15pm-2:45pm Meditation and Deep Relaxation Class

Monday 7pm-8pm Hatha Yoga Class on the Manomyakosha ( Monkey Mind) 

Tuesday 6pm-7:05pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga Vigjnanamayakosha Intuitive Mind

Wednesday 5:45pm Call 4: Tapping into your Intuition

Thursday 6:30am: Early Morning Yoga Class Hatha Yoga: Bliss Body 

Friday 5:45pm: Final Call Bliss Sheath and Reflections on the Course

Saturday 8:15am:  Last Class celebration and shared breakfast: Kundalini:  Lighten Up- From Stress to Contentment